Top White Hat and Black Hat Optimisation Techniques

Search engine optimisation has a fair, wholesome and correct way of doing those things that are unfair, bad, downright naughty. For describing these two SEO the methodology of these terms “Black Hat” and “White Hat” SEO had been coined. To the untrained eye it can be very difficult to spot the use of some of these techniques which is why we offer a free website MOT test at Pushing.

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  • Meta Keyword :
    There are exclusively two Meta tags that are used to inform search engines about the page content. Meta Description has to be used to describe the content of the page concisely and be of one, two or, three sentences maximum.
  • Meta Keywords must be the short list of words which inform about the key focus of a page. Meta keywords are misused many a times in the past. And there are only few if the search engines which take a heed of them.

  • Doorway  or the Gateway Pages Doorway : The Gateway pages are those pages that have been designed for the search engines instead of the ultimate user. Basically they are fake pages which are stuffed with the content and are highly optimised for one or two keywords which link to any target or any landing page. An end user does not see such pages since they are redirected automatically to a target page. The Off the shelf SEO software encourages use of the gateway pages like SEO firms which do not know what they are talking of. The search engine spiders have been continually enhanced for detecting these pages and are going to be ignored or worsen, flag the site as spam and ban all together.
    Link Farming: In real world when you had to build a house located in a bad neighbourhood then the house would get affected by the surrounding. The same is applicable for virtual world. The Link farms or the FFA (free for all) pages have no purpose other than enlisting links of the unrelated websites.

Top 5 White Hat SEO Techniques:

  • Quality Content: Content is the ultimate King. There is nothing more precious than optimizing a site for search engines which offer rich quality unique content.
  • Usage of Structural Mark Up  Separates Content from being Presented Semantically. Structuring a mark up motivates the search engines for understanding the webpage content. Making proper use of heading elements thus is similarly essential.

  • Titles, Meta Data Providing pages with their meta data and proper titles is essential. The meta description and the meta keyword elements have been misused in the past. This is why the Search Engines consider them as less important. However it’s important to utilize them properly. Titles carry weight and as we consider semantic mark up it’s obvious why. A title is basically a declaration of what the content can be, so ensure that the page titles are the true representation of the page content.
  • Keyword Research & Effective use of Keyword: Use and Create your own website with some key phrases and keywords in mind. Single words always are not an effective target, you may try multi-word phrases which are way more specific to the service/product and you will be targeting the end users who are likely to demand what you’re offering. Use the keywords and key phrases you’ve identified effectively throughout your website. Assign every page two-three of these keywords identified and then use these keywords throughout all important elements of that page.

  • Quality Inbound links: Inbound links to the website might be likened for having the vote for good but there’re good and bad links. Good links are those links which come from other pages which are regarded by the search engines and are contextually relevant to the page content. Bad links are those links from the web pages which aren’t regarded potentially banned by the search engines. They’ve no relevance to the page content.

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